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Chronicle Gracia Final

Safe Enchant 3

Max Enchant 20

Remastered x10 Gracia Final with planned Gracia Epilogue update! -Experience x10 -Spell Points x10 -Adena x 7 -Drop x 5 (Most Things) / 2x (Enchants,Life stones,Elements) -Spoil [ chance ] x 5 (Materials,Recipes,Key parts ) / x 2 Enchants -Ancient Adena x 4 -Raid Drop & Exp x2 / Grand Boss x1 -Manor x1 -Element stone chance 50% / crystal 35% -Maximum level is set at 81 for main , 80 for subclasses. -Maximum attribute allowed in weapons is set to 25 in chapter I -Maximum attribute allowed in armors is set to 12 in chapter I -Weight limit is x1.5 -Client Limit: 2 for non-premium , 3 for premium accounts. -Skills can be learned via the skills window (ALT+K) -1st /2nd Class Transfer: Available for purchase with either Adena or iCoin -3rd Class Transfer : Quest or iCoin (the 3rd class transfer will become available for purchase with iCoin as soon as someone has entered the Hall of Fame for completing the 3rd class transfer quest for the class in question). -Subclass quest choose Baium or Platinum tribe -Tiat & Ekimus locked until Hellbound Stage 7. -Fort & Castle Epaulette drop rate: x1 -Heroes biweekly, 2-week cycle , Oly 3v3 disabled, class-only on weekends -Hellbound will start at zero. Players will have the ability to increase the stage of Hellbound by killing monsters in the region. Each monster killed will contribute points towards the current stage of Hellbound, stronger monsters will provide more points than weaker monsters. In contrast to retail, no additional stage conditions are necessary, i.e. no quests or raids. Hellbound's ability to delevel or lose points has also been disabled. To open Hellbound a party must kill Baylor in the Crystal Caverns.


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Private l2 servers can be different based on their chronicle, type, and platform. Over the years, the game has evolved, and new versions with gameplay differences have been released – the so called chronicles. There are many released chronicles however some of the most commonly played include Interlude, High Five, Classic, Classic Interlude, Fafurion and Essence.

When it comes to types, specific gameplay styles have earned their own names over the years within the community. This makes it easier to figure out the kind of gameplay you can expect. Types essentially refer to different styles of playing the game and some of the most known ones are Normal, GvE, MultiSkill,Free Bot, StackSub and Craft PvP.

Now, about platforms – these determine the kind of server files used during development. There are 2 different platforms PTS, which stands for official leaked sources, and L2J, which refers to a custom Java implementation of the game environment.


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