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Chronicle Essence

Safe Enchant 3

Max Enchant 12

โšœ๏ธ Server Description: EXP/SP: Dynamic (x1- x100 based on your level, before Sayha and EXP buffs Adena: x50 / Item Drop: x10 / Fishing EXP increased / Attribute EXP increased Simplified gameplay to stay in the loop while not spending hours and hours farming Starter Pack containing very useful items for beginners MP replenishing potions with auto-consumption No overpowered donations ๐Ÿ›’ L2LIVE Shop: All spellbook coupons, pet spellbook coupons and master books are sold via Game Assistant Additionally you can buy SP pouches, enchanted talismans, pet training guides and various other consumables for Adena and L-Coin More items such as cloaks, more talismans, agathions, belts, pendants, enchantment scrolls of various grades, evolution stones, etc will be added! Shop server as a shortcut, and all retail-like ways of earning items are still here! ๐Ÿช™ L-Coins: Drops with small change and in random amounts from Lv60+ monsters All raidbosses drop random amount of L-Coin Pouches generating up to 420 Lcoin per unit. โš”๏ธ Grand Olympiad and Events Grand Olympiad is held week day Format is 1v1, unlimited weekly fights Heroes are declared weekly at Sunday There are three automated events - TvT, CTF and Deathmatch, running at evenings Orc Fortress, Battle with Balok, Keber Hunter, Archievements Box, Daily Gift Calendar provisional events are active too ๐ŸŒŸ Custom user commands: .offlineplay command, your character will keep playing till death or server restart .offlineshop command, keeps your shop sitting until all items are purchased .apon / .apoff - enable/disable HP/MP autoconsume


Our commitment at l2rankzone.com is to provide a comprehensive list of all available private Lineage 2 servers, making it super easy for players to find their preferred server based on individual preferences, while avoiding the hassle of known topsites corruption and unethical practices. The listed L2 servers are ranked by votes and popularity, registration or opening date, and can be filtered based on criteria such as chronicle, type, community, or platform. Dive deep into the world of Lineage 2 private gaming by selecting a server to play from l2rankzone gaming community hub.


Private l2 servers can be different based on their chronicle, type, and platform. Over the years, the game has evolved, and new versions with gameplay differences have been released โ€“ the so called chronicles. There are many released chronicles however some of the most commonly played include Interlude, High Five, Classic, Classic Interlude, Fafurion and Essence.

When it comes to types, specific gameplay styles have earned their own names over the years within the community. This makes it easier to figure out the kind of gameplay you can expect. Types essentially refer to different styles of playing the game and some of the most known ones are Normal, GvE, MultiSkill,Free Bot, StackSub and Craft PvP.

Now, about platforms โ€“ these determine the kind of server files used during development. There are 2 different platforms PTS, which stands for official leaked sources, and L2J, which refers to a custom Java implementation of the game environment.


Unlike certain competitors topsites that may compromise the integrity of their rankings through practices such as accepting paid votes or engaging in manipulative tactics, L2Rankzone stands out by prioritizing fairness and honesty. Our platforms dedication to transparency not only fosters healthy competition among l2servers but also builds trust within the gaming community, as players can rely on the accuracy of the rankings to make informed decisions about their server choices.

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